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Problem with Quick Mill Andreja Premium.

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  • Problem with Quick Mill Andreja Premium.


    My machine has stopped working and just wondered if anyone can offer any advice.

    It powers on, the pump still works when I operate the brew lever and water comes out of the brew head, the red light is on that indicates the boiler is heating except its not, the machine is cold.

    The boiler pressure gauge doesn't move either.

    The machine is about 6 years old and I've owned it for 2 years, it was working last weekend (it only gets used at weekends) and then this weekend when I switched it on I noticed it was stone cold. Also when I open the hot water tap nothing comes out.

    Any suggestions?

    Failing that, can anyone recommend a good service centre in Sydney, I know the Quick Mills aren't common here but I'm guessing the internals are much the same as other HX machines?

    Thanks in advance.....


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    Problem with Quick Mill Andreja Premium.

    Just an element. Shouldn't cost too much to fix, maybe $150