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Boema Single Group Manual fill..... overfilling?

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  • Boema Single Group Manual fill..... overfilling?

    I have had some fun stripping down an old Boema to use as the machine at work.

    After a few days use I found water coming from the Pressure relief and the Pressurestat

    I checked all the taps on the inwards to the boiler ( plumbed model) and then realised the pressure in the boiler stops one of the inlet from allowing water in. Once the pressure had built up, still when I turned on the water the level came up in the boiler with out operating the manual fill tap.

    I stripped it down and replaced the boiler seal and reseated the pressure relief valve. Next run had the water exit the bellow on the Pressurestat... argh!!!!

    My thoughts are the boiler un-sealed points allow air out and therefore water pressure in.? Maybe changing the leaking Pressurestat should fix it...

    My concern is it could be a breach between the two boilers? Any thoughts will be much appreciated.

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    Happy to report it was a stuck fill solenoid..... The next issue is trying to make the unit happy with not being connected to pressured water. It will pull shots from a container but replies on pressure for boiler fill/top up.

    Still to trying and get a nice taste from the water in the unit as well.

    All fun..