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Vibiemme Domobar Super - dead boiler

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  • Vibiemme Domobar Super - dead boiler

    Hey all, haven't been here for a while...

    My Domo super died today after about 5 years of daily use The heater light is on but noone's home (no heating)

    A quick poke with the multimeter says the boiler element has gone open circuit. Is this common and where can I get a new one or get it fixed?


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    Hi Matt,

    Sorry to hear that.

    The element change is a relatively quick job. It's probably a good idea to refer it back to a reseller of VBM with a competent tech on staff. After the element is fitted, the machine will require a check to see that there are no other factors present which might contribute to premature failure.

    If you're in Melbourne, we can do this work.



    If you're in Melbourne, we can assist.


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      Yes I'm in Melb, it's about time I sent it to you for a tune up as well

      The last thing use was my wife pulling two cups of tea out of it, back to back. I didn't think the hot water tap outlet would run it low enough to expose the element/burn it out though.