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  • Cuadra single basket

    Hi all,

    I recent,y upgraded from a saeco automatic to the Cuadra. I love the style and very keen to start enjoying real coffee at home.

    I was frustrated when trying to get a good single shot, just couldnt get the dose and grind right (smart grinder)coffee tasted very ordinary.
    after two weeks experimenting I went back to the shop to quiz them and found out the basket that comes withnthe machine is quite shallow. So much so that it always over extracted.

    The shop was excellent and gave me a new basket and I have been pouring beautiful coffees ever since
    anyone else with this machine experience this?

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    Single baskets are none too popular due to their "sensitive" behavior on most machines.
    i just stay with the double and enjoy "bigger Coffee's...or double Ristretto's !