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Dosing problem with old Visacrem

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  • Dosing problem with old Visacrem

    I am doing up an old Visacrem and after cranking it up the auto dose buttons are not doing what they should.
    They all turn on but not off.
    the red on/off button on the right works ok so I can pull a shot.

    does anyone know how to adjust the dose on this machine?
    I thought that would be worth trying first.

    If that doesn't work I am guessing the problem is either the flow meter or the PC board.

    Any ideas on how to test the flow meter?

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    Can anyone advise me on how to test the flow meter?


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      found this thread, seems to be a bit of a fuss to test a flowmeter: Flowmeter test
      perhaps if you can source a similarly spec'd flowmeter from another machine and just install it and see if anything changes?


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        Thanks for the idea of changing the flow meter noidle22.
        I have done this but still no success.
        I also found out how to test the flow meter with a multimeter. It seems ok.

        I am guessing it must me a PC board issue.
        I can't think what else it can be