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  • Recommend some hardware please!

    I have finally decided to upgrade my coffee machine (due to it being in getting fixed under warranty) I have been toying with the idea for some time though and at the moment really want to get a new machine and a roaster. My current gear is a Breville BES860 and a popcorn roaster.

    Was in HN waiting for photos to process with the missus yesterday and she saw the BES900 and wanted to buy it on the spot, but i quickly diverted her attention, got home and have done some looking around here and on google and now with a solid case of information overload, here I am asking for suggestions please.


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    If you give us an indication of what you want to spend and how you have your coffee it might help with some people giving you advice.


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      Thanks Chris.

      Currently doing 4-6 coffees a day and usually it is always lattes. (occasionally the odd affogato and macchiato)

      The BES900 was $1600 all up. Around $1600 would look to be my budget for the espresso machine.

      However, I also have been looking at home roasters and if there is a chance of bundling for a deal there I am happy to take it. I think if I could get a machine and roaster for ~$1800 I would be happy as a pig up a certain creek with no intention of paddling.