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Bezzera BZ07 4 years later.

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  • Bezzera BZ07 4 years later.

    Hello all,

    Just thought I'd give a little info regarding my BZ07 and its performance over the last 4 years that i have had it.

    I have pulled many a great shot and love the compact size.
    I have regularly serviced this myself and it has provided me with clean and consistent coffee when I operate the same.

    I bought it as a display/demonstrator model in 2009. ( 2008 model with 2005 manufactured boiler)

    I have though, had a few failures as listed below.

    First was the brew push button.......the chrome started to come of after a couple of years so i bought another (on hand for cosmetic replacement) but then it fused about 8 months later. ( probably not the best switch for alot of work, a toggle would be more appropriate but not as stylish i guess. The power switch is always on and machine is on a digital power timer hence the power button is fairing better but has some small cracks in the chrome near the edges)

    Second was the Ulka air release valve....this small white plastic valve started to leak a month ago which inturn had water pooling in the bottom black tray. It also filled both of bolier element terminals on the bottom of the boiler causing an arc across the water which made this water pop and sizzle and trip my safety switch a few times before i found the issue. I have since drilled a couple of extra drain holes in the plastic tray directly underneath the boiler so that i can see the water sooner and not have any more of these little nasty moments.

    Interestingly enough, the o rings on both sides of this valve were non existent when i removed it and it seems to have been sealed with locktite instead. I initially did not do this but used the spec o rings and 2 weeks later the leak was back so i have now used a "glue in" method here also.

    Third (and found when problem 2 was being repaired) was the all familiar buzzing pressure switch relay failure. No doubt all relays fail over time. I believe that Bezzera have an alternate pressure switch relay set-up. It is not a plug and play setup from the factory. I opted to mount a base on the back wall of the machine and now my relay is just that..... plug in and plug soldering required.

    All in all I can say that this little machine has been a great little workhorse and is probably just showing the signs of this. (my bad for over consumption)

    What would I go to?

    Well probably the newest BZ07 with PID (for both boiler and group - non-existent i know). I think a clixson is just not accurate enough to control the group temp. (I have tinkered with different temp clixsons)
    Also i would prefer to have the group centered so if money was not an issue then the Unica looks the goods to me.