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Second hand machines from sponsor trade ins?

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  • Second hand machines from sponsor trade ins?

    Hey Coffeesnobs, its almost time for me to upgrade! I have a budget at 2000 but my main question is about second hand machines.

    Do the site sponsors frequently offer trade-ins or second hand machines for sale? I would be interested in one with cosmetic damage but otherwise perfect working order, that would be exactly what im looking for to save a bit of cash and push the budgets value.
    Also any less popular brands or ones that aren't full stainless in order to get a better price?

    Im interested in site sponsor machines so I can trust they are set up correctly and are Australian spec (which seems to be a reccuring theme on searches I have been doing)
    I drink long blacks, or with lactose free milk (bit weird taste wise)
    about 4 a day.

    I have my mind stuck on a HX but any advice is welcome.

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    Hi cod50,

    As a sponsor, we rarely trade machines.

    Generally, if a member comes to me with a good machine to trade, I suggest that s/he sell it here. If it was a junker, perhaps it might be more likely to end up on the bay or in the tree.

    The reason that we don't often trade is that if we sell a pre-loved machine, we need to sell it at market price. As a business, we're liable for GST and our policy is to sell with a 3 month warranty. We'd normally service the machine as well and expect fair payment for our parts, our time and the risk incurred in providing a warranty.

    The punchline of all of this is that a member with a very good machine might only receive 50% of the actual market value of the machine. Whilst we'd love the funds, I normally suggest that the member advertise it here and take the full sale amount, rather than some of it.

    When I see a machine which we know of and have seen recently, I would normally post in the FS thread to recommend the machine to prospective purchasers as a good buy.

    We are a community here and many CS'ers form part of of the Talk Coffee "marketing team". For me, it's about being fair and honest rather than ruthless pursuit of the buck.

    I wouldn't be scared about buying a used machine from a member. In all likelihood, you will receive a pampered machine.

    Happy shopping!



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      ^ what he said


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        The situation is the same with us. However occasionally we do get customers that would much rather just walk in with their pre-loved and walk out with a new one. We also have ex demo machines that we sell when a new model comes out and we have new machines with imperfections. All the ex demos, seconds and pre loved that we have we list here.



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          Hi Cod50,

          Depending on whether you need to include a good grinder in the $2k budget, you may find you can get a good quality new HX machine from some of the site sponsors. You can send a 'group mail' to all site sponsors explaining what you are after and your budget, and those that can accommodate you may reply. Might be surprised what you can get for your budget.

          I've not got any experience with using HX machines, but know from plenty of time spent reading posts that Diadema's and the VBM Jnr are very well regarded machines that may be around your budget (check out Talk Coffee's website for some very good deals at the moment). Depending what machine you get you may also be able to get a quality grinder in too! Well worth a look.

          Good luck!



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            Thanks for all the info, really helpful. The page of reconditioned machines that Charlie posted was exactly what I was looking for and I must say TalkCoffee Chris's Diadema Junior Semi Auto sale looks mighty enticing.


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              pm sent cod50