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Expobar pressure problem

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  • coffee_machinist
    Hi Daisy, I suspect there is another electrical fault, given that you've substituted the pressurestat but the problem is continuing. My guess would be control board heater relay, but it could be a number of other possible failure points - there are a few switches in the circuit and this needs to be diagnosed correctly. From what you describe, I would rule out the anti vac. It may be leaking, but it is not causing the erratic pressure.

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  • daisy
    started a topic Expobar pressure problem

    Expobar pressure problem

    Hi all,
    I need some advice. My expobar office leva 4 years old has started to cause trouble. I noticed the other day that the element was not cycling on correctly to give the right pressure of 1bar. The machine was warm but the pressure was down around 0.3 bar. I turned it off and ordered a new pressuresat as I thought htis would be the problem as I noticed it went quite high / overpressure recently and had probably died. I installed the new pressurestat and turned on and it heated up normally to 1.1bar but when the pressure dropped to 0.9 bar it did not cycle on again. Instead it dropped all the way down to about 0.3 bar. Later it cycled back on and off but not at the correct 1.1 bar. I'm now starting to think that the anti vac valve may be buggered. It quite often hisses when up at pressure.
    Does this sound like the likely problem?