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Upgrade grinder or machine?

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  • Upgrade grinder or machine?

    Seems a straightforward answer - the grinder obviously?

    BUT, I believe my grinder is more than adequate - Compak K3 Touch which I bought on recommendations here. If anything I'm considering something from the Mazzer range.

    As for the machine, I want to upgrade from the Lelit PL041. I feel the single boiler is time-inefficient due to the wait between espresso shot and steaming (in that time to crema has shrunk considerably). And also the steam/water coming from the wand ends up being a murky brown colour. There's a few other niggles but most of it is more likely due to operator error than a fault of the machine

    But IF I were to upgrade (call it upgraditis if you want , I think the machine should come first? And my choice is the Rocket Giotto V2. My reasoning is the reviews and training material (and the ease to find it) available. The other machine that fits the bill is the Vibiemme Domobar Junior (over the super because the only difference is size?)

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    G'day double-o,

    Your grinder will be fine and to move to a Mazzer is only a cross-grade. Do it if you want to, but it won't put anything in the cup.

    Machines- yes both good choices (and on sale BTW). There are plenty of other excellent options in this price bracket. Just look at pros and cons of your shortlist and choose the one you like best. Once you're talking Rocket, VBM etc, they're all terrific.

    Lastly Domobar Super v Junior: It's really only boiler size now and I think 2.7L is overkill for home. Nevertheless there are plenty who purchased V8 cars crawling in traffic jams!

    Please feel most welcome to call for a chat if you'd like to talk through some options.



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      Thanks Chris. What about Giotto Plus 2 vs Evoluzione 2? The only thing I've gathered is the latter can be hooked up to mains water and something about adjustable pump pressure


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        G'day double-o. The Evo can be plumbed if desired whereas the plus V2 cannot. The rotary pump of the Evo is much quieter than the Plus V2. That said, an operating Plus V2 is almost quieter than a silent Sunbeam 6910


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          Great! Do you accept trade ins for coffee machines?

          How many coffees can the Plus handle before I need to give the machine a rest for whatever reason (to reheat, refill boiler etc)? The max I'll need to make is 4-6 cups in one sitting and that's not very often


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            the giotto will be able to handle 4-6 cups at one go without a sweat


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              Excellent, now to sell the old machine...