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Recommendations for hareware ($1500- $2000)

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  • Recommendations for hareware ($1500- $2000)


    I'm new to the site, and need some help figuring out what machine suits me best. I've had access to EM6910 in recent years (housemate's machine), however he has moved out. Long story short, I got very used to espresso 2-3 times a day and need a machine of my own. I was looking at 'upgrading' from the EM6910, to something along the lines of a Breville DB but I've had limited exposure to whats available. Any advice would be great.

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    If you have your coffee black a

    RANCILIO SILVIA should do the job quite well

    you will need a grinder as well a better grinder well make better coffee.

    the advantages of a double boiler is that you can steam the milk at the same time as extract the shot of coffee.

    if you are making black coffee there is little advantage in being able to do this.


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      I normally rock a flat white, picc or short black. Any thoughts on a grinder also? (was thinking $300- $750)


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        Originally posted by cbehrendorff View Post
        I normally rock a flat white, picc or short black. Any thoughts on a grinder also? (was thinking $300- $750)
        Compac K3 at $400 is the value pick of the bunch, nothing in the price range up to $750 is likely to deliver a superior brew unless you go for something used. Used Mazzer Superjolly's go for anywhere between $350-700 depending on the condition. They tend to go forever and are completely rebuildable/servicable and way faster then the domestic options.


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          Some sponsors (including us) have package deals at the moment for HX/double boiler machines that come in under $2K that will get you a shiny Italian machine and a quality grinder. Brands in your price range that we'd recommend include Lelit, Diadema, ECM, Vibiemme and Compak (some combinations of machine and grinder will take you over budget, but there are options where you'll be under too - eg Lelit PL60T V2 and a Compak K3 Push).

          You'll also get professional advice and ongoing support from people that live and breathe espresso. In fact, it's time for another ;-)

          Happy to help if we can,

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