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Saeco Royal Cappucino - "Fill Watertank"

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  • Saeco Royal Cappucino - "Fill Watertank"

    There is a Saeco Royal Cappucino sitting in the break area of my office, unused.

    I have had a look at it, and it is insitent that the water tank requires filling - even though it is filled to a reasonable (not excessive) level.

    I have had a general look around, and the result I found was that the magnet which tells the system there is enough water in the tank wasn't floating. This is true - but when I removed the magnet entirely it still said "Fill water tank"

    There is a "removable" white plastic thing which looks like some kind of filter sitting in the water tank itself.

    What should my plan of attack be to get this thing running again?

    (I already found so I have some idea of my next steps once the water flows through.)

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    Been a while since I played with one of those, I don't recall if it's got a dip tube into the tank or if it has a valve in the bottom. Either way the white thing is probably an anti-calc filter, ISTR you can get the dip-tube filters from, either that or bombora (or rather their retail arm, whose name temporarily escapes me).

    On the water level, you probably need to give the channel the magnet sits in a thorough scrub so it floats freely, if the water level detection still doesn't work you've probably got an electronic problem, but typically these things use reed switches and there really isn't much to go wrong with those.

    Aside from that Fresh_coffee's advice in the other thread is your best bet.


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      Maybe this will help