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Alex Duetto Pump Prime fail!

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  • Alex Duetto Pump Prime fail!

    G'day everyone.

    First time poster!

    I am the proud owner of a new Izzo Alex Duetto II. Looks great out of the box!

    Sadly, to me, the manual does not appear to be that insightful. I have followed the instructions up to and including switching on and pressing the up and down keys for 2 seconds. Nothing happens. Certainly, the pumps do not start priming, and nothing appears to happen. I just get F.01 appearing on the PID.

    Can anyone with experience of this machine provide some instructions? Alternatively, is there an easier to follow guide.

    I used to think I was an intelligent young chap.... now, I feel like a muppet!

    Thanks y'all!


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    Hello Andy,

    You have set the machine to programming mode.

    Your machine will have been benchtested before it left Talk Coffee en route to your dealer, so it will not need to drink. This is evidenced by our QA sticker on the carton.

    Scroll through the PID settings and then restart the machine and use it!