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    Looking to upgrade from Gaggia Classic and breville smart grinder(Like its features). I've given up on trying to get a good shot out of this combo. I've replaced the steam valve twice which i purchased from Jetblack, second one was free due to first one leaking shorty after being replaced and then second one leaked again, and not just a couple of drops, like a tap. I use fresh roasted beans from a non-sponsor so not sure if it can be mentioned.

    So now in the market for new machine. Got a budget of $2000 and want a new grinder also . I'm considering the Breville BES900 but have my concerns about reliability and longevity. (Would get it with a 5 Year warranty). From my own experiences and from what Iv'e read in threads here, even the best things have issues so I'm thinking if a Breville can produce a good and consistent shot, should it be in the shortlist? And how many of the these $2000+ machines can be purchaced with a 5 year warranty without mortgaging the house?

    I only drink short blacks but the mrs drinks latte/caps. I'm prepared to put some love into making my coffee, but the mrs doesn't want to fuss about too much and a bit concerned about her care regime for the new arrival. I've briefly spoken to Chris at TalkCoffee and plan to make an appointment soon as I can but just want some opinions of cs.

    Not to sure whether to go double boiler or HX. The other one machine I like is Lelit PL60T in terms of features particularly the fast heat up time (I know some people run timers in the morning but what about during the day when you feel like a shot? Don't want to have to plan half an hour before. I' m not huge fan of it's looks and not a great deal to read about these machines. The other thing I'd like to know is how important is preinfusion and can it be done on the Lelit? And I have a basic undersink twin water filter ( sediment and carbon), is this alright in Melbourne or is a softener necessary? (was told Melbourne water is pretty good)

    So far I'm considering:

    1. Breville Bes 900 (+ 5 year warranty) with Compak k3 push or touch ? (Another choice to consider)
    2. Lelit PL60t with Compak K3
    3. ?
    4. ?

    So any other combo recommendations would be greatly appreciated?

    Ps.- My wife thinks $2000 on a coffee machine is a lot of money to spend, if she only knew

    Thanks in advance.

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    Talk to Chris, that's the best advice you'll get (for someone living in/around/near or not even close to) Melbourne).

    Not much to read on the Lelit?
    People who are happy with their gear don't tend to write much on the net, too busy being happy.
    On the other hand.............


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      Do some research on the mahlkonig vario. Beats the pants off most home grinders in your price range.


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        Originally posted by chokkidog View Post
        Not much to read on the Lelit?
        There's a thread here:

        There's no discussion about these DB machines on US sites - AFAIK they aren't sold in North America, probably no 110/120v model made, as the DB setup would exceed common domestic power supply limits (unless they redesigned to limit / alternate between steam and brew boilers as some DB machines for the US market do, or used smaller elements in the boilers).
        Taking into account duty, shipping, Euro VAT - if Breville was to try to sell their dual boiler machine in Europe, they'd be hard up against the Lelit PL60 on price. I wouldn't fancy Breville's chances on that. It might not be better on all specs, but it's much, much nicer - and far better long-term ownership proposition IMO. Sure - it costs a bit more in this part of the world, but...
        There seem to be three "variations" on the PL60T. The original with 57mm filter baskets, the V2 with standard 58mm baskets and larger (400ml) brew boiler, and lelit list a PL60"Plus"T which appears to be the same as the "V2", but 1200W elements in both brew and steam boilers. 1000W should be plenty. Perhaps they kept this element at 1,000W for this market due to electrical regs.
        PL60V2 looks very nice indeed, clearly ahead of cheaper alternatives like the Ascaso Duo, apparently much more durable build quality and presumably serviceability than the BDB, and priced at a level where you only get an entry model e61 HX machine, and made in Italy by a company that does make industrial quality equipment, not a chinese maker of cheap household gadgets.


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          Any thoughts on preinfusion and whether it makes a difference in the cup?


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            Hello t_p,

            I suspect that the overwhelming majority of people would be unable to taste the difference.

            Preinfusion can be handy as it it assists in the expansion of the coffee puck and can lessen the likelihood of chanelling- which most can taste with a little assistance to help identify what it is and how it influences what's in the cup.

            We have quite a a few good options within your price range, including:




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              Thanks Chris. I was going to call you yesterday to come in, but a few things came up. I hoping to make an appointment this coming Saturday. Look forward to seeing you.