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Wear on portafilter lugs

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  • Wear on portafilter lugs

    Hi all

    I own a 4 month old Giotto Evo and as this is my first serious machine, was seeking some thoughts from the more experienced out there. I have noticed some uneven wear of the bottom side of the portafilter lugs, almost all on the right hand side lug (see attached pics). I'm wondering if this is something I need to be worried about, or is it all normal wear and tear? Be great to hear your thoughts.

    Thanks, Dan.Click image for larger version

Name:	Giotto portafilter bottom.jpg
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Name:	Giotto portafilter RHS lug.jpg
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Name:	Giotto portafilter LHS lug.jpg
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    Hi Dan,

    Yes- normal. This is the surface of the lug which engages with group. Plating pretty much always comes off in time as it's metal on metal contact in this instance..



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      Thanks Chris,

      I thought that might be the case, but after coming from a Sunbeam 6910 where collar wear caused problems periodically, I guess I am a bit sensitive about issues in that area.

      BTW, I also see a little deformation on the entry side of the locking area of the group with the collar. I guess this is to be expected as well?

      Thanks, Dan,


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        Happy to check it over for you Dan. Best bet is to pop in if you have any concerns.



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          Cheers, thanks Chris.