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Gino GCM 323 Commercial Espresso Machine

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  • Gino GCM 323 Commercial Espresso Machine

    Hi everyone I am new to the forum. I joined Coffee Snobs as I have just started roasting my own beans about 3 months ago starting out with a Baby FZ which I purchased due to the discussions on this forum and am glad I did as the results are amazing.
    I am rambling a bit but this thread is to ask if anyone has any experience with the above coffee machine as I have recently purchased one from GraysOnline 1 year old for $220. It is made in Taiwan and I cannot find too much information on the web so thought I would ask here.

    From what I can see on the web and a review done by an Indonesian Coffee Expert it seems to be a quality machine but then again these items can be hit and miss from Asia.

    For the price I could not knock it back even if I have to rebuild it in the future with bits and pieces sourced from different machines I will still be in front as these machines are AUD $5K brand new.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



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    Its worth $5k, its a year old, and you paid $220?

    That's either the bargain of the century, or you've been had.

    Have you taken delivery of it yet?


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      Grays normally sell stuffs that are either new, refurbished, 2nds, insurance damaged or from company liquidation. But depending on the terms and condition of the sale, you are normally covered by some warranty. (From none, Short few months or manufacturer warranty)
      I have bought stuff from them before that were damaged on arrival and have got it returned and refunded with no additional costs but did take some time and communication though.


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        The unit was part of a liquidation sale which came through on an email to my iPhone so I couldn't really see the name I thought it was an ECM so I had a bid. I think I got it so cheap as there were 2 x WEGA 2 Group units in the sale which went for around $900 each. Other than obvious signs of use the unit I picked up looks fine so I guess I will see how it goes I should pick it up next week.

        If it turns out to be ok I think I will have scored the deal of the century.

        I often see commercial units as part of liquidated sales going regularly for between $600 and $1500 on Grays


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          Do keep us informed on how it pans out. My guess is you have scored a bargain because you're tapped into the grays system which maybe not so many people think about for 2nd hand machines, or are too wary.


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            I have just picked up the machine and it is a beauty. Well built HX machine. The actual badge is a PLUS 323 which I googled a found that Espresso Company Australia sell them as a rebadged Gino Machine. It looks like I may have scored a very nice volumetric machine delivered for $250.

            I will be giving it a clean up today and test run. I emailed the manufacturer yesterday for the technical and user manuals and they sent them within an hour so should be ok to programme it up.

            One question I have or should say asking advice the machine is a 20 amp machine with two separate heater elements. I have disconnected one element so I can run it on normal house supply (I am a sparky by trade by the way). The boiler is 13.5 l but I am thinking that it will still function ok just the recovery time will be a little longer which I am fine with as I won't be punching out cafe volumes. Has anyone done this before and if so what are the results or will this adversely affect the temperature stability, I can't see how this will be as it runs off the pressure stat so it will achieve temperature albeit a little longer to get there.



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              Well all I can say is wow. $250 well spent. I spent the day giving the machine a thorough going over as it was very clean externally but I cannot say the same for the internals, it was filthy I don't think the previous owners ever gave it a descale or a backwash. Maybe that is why the unit was part of a liquidation sale? The coffee sold out of this machine must have been rank.

              I soaked all removable parts in descaler and gave them a good clean up. As stated above I removed the links between the two heater banks and it doesn't seem to worry it. The first start I found the anti decompression valve was leaking so I removed it and it was jammed with scale, cleaned it up and all good. I gave the machine a descale twice as per Talk_Coffee's thread in this section (Thank you). I could not believe the junk that came out of it. Once started it took 20 mins to come up to pressure, I had to adjust the pressure switch as it was set to 1.3 bar.

              Backwashed both groups multiple times and the machine is now ready to rock and roll tomorrow with some fresh roasted Yirg.

              Overall I am blown away by how well built this machine is and how easy to use. I was a little bitter when I won the bid for this machine as I have said I originally thought it was an ECM due to not looking at the item closely enough before bidding but if it had been an ECM it would have been sold for $1500-$2000 on Grays as they seem to go around that figure,but now after receiving this PLUS 323 Taiwan model all I can say is I am really impressed.

              I am going to put the SCACE on during the week and see what the temperatures are like.

              if you are looking for second hand commercial machines definitely give GraysOnline a thought as over the years I have seen many many bargains on WEGA's, Faema's etc..

              $250 I just can't believe it.



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                G'day Kyle...

                You do realise that there are "rules" on this forum mate....

                When you take possession of a new (to you) bright and shiny toy, we MUST have piccies, lots of 'em. The rule may be unwritten but it is very important none-the-less...

                Nice acquisition by the way.



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                  Hi Dimal yes I understand this post is useless without pics. I promise I will post some up on Tuesday as I only have the iPad at home and can't upload from here.

                  gave her a test run today took about 6-7 shots to hit the sweet spot, very happy the grin on my face is giving me sore cheeks haha. Espresso Coffee Machines Grinders Steam Machines Domestic Commercial Domobar Rocket ECM Vibiemme this is the link to the company that sells the units in Oz and a pic of the machine. I have taken a few shots of the machine internals that I will post up Tuesday.