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Bezzera BZ35e repair

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  • Bezzera BZ35e repair

    I'm trying to get a Bezzera BZ35e working, it is the model with the rotary pump and pressure gauge as in this thread.
    As this forum seems the place to be for Bezzera questions (99% of useful post on the BZ35 are on this forum) I thought I would see if anyone had some insights or advice to get the machine running, as I am desperatley in need of a good cup of coffee.
    Summary of where I am (sorry if it is a bit long):
    Tha machine was originally brought as a donor for another machine by my brother, and the Giemme control box taken out to replace one that had burnt out in one that he was fixing, at the time all that was wrong with this (donor) machine was a blown element and the need of a good descale and clean.
    The machine has been descaled and cleaned now, the solenoid coils, valves all check out, and has a new element and has been given to me as my Cimbali Junior just died and I fancied a rotary pump machine as mine was an old junior with the vibe pump.
    The dead Giemme controller has had its burnt out relays replaced; when this controller is used the machines comes on but the lights flash the pump activates and it just dumps the water into the drip tray, with the group solonoid occasionally clicking. The only part we couldn't find a replacement for in the controller was the 12v transformer and I suspect this may be faulty or one of the chips.
    So we gave up on that controller and ordered a new one, the supplier sent us a Gicar 240v (I'm in the UK) which they had listed as a BZ35 controller, this arrived and the connections are all in the right order so seems correct.
    But this was put in and all this does it is flash the lights on the buttons, boiler has been manually filled and the fill level rods/sensor are clean and not shorting, just the resistence through the water.
    I have checked over the electrics multiple times, checked connections etc. and I can't find a fault, so I am now wondering if the Gicar control box isn't compatible with my model?
    I have since noticed there are several Bezzera control box model numbers in the PDF for the BZ35 models, but no BZ35 E listed, the closest being the BZ35 DE which has two different model numbers for 240v control boxes RL30 2S : 7661003 & RL40 2S : 7661013.
    I can't get access to the original Giemme out of this one to test as its in London now and I don't have another machne to test this one in.
    The supplier has a no returns policy on control boxes so my question (well one of many) is is this the correct one or an expensive paperweight, it is listed a a bezzera part elsewhere?
    There is no model number externally on the Giemme but on the PCB it has 02.46.0039 rev-0 and DOS1LS-A but I can't find any reference to this online.

    So if anyone has could let me know if this is the right part or not I would be most grateful.

    I would really like to get this machine going, it would be a shame to let it sit unused.
    Better get off to bed past 1am here and I have work in the morning (without decent coffee to wake me up too) and appologies for spelling, grammer, typos above its been a long day.
    Thanks in advance for all advice given,

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    Hi Ged
    I had the same machine for a few years.
    When I had problems that I couldn't sort out I talked to Renzo at Di Bartoli (site sponsor)
    They sell and service these machines and Renzo helped me a number of times over the phone.


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      Thanks Cam.
      I had just posted this and was looking at the old controller again and realised it internally joined the earth for levels and flow meter. Looking at some pictures of the part numbers on a German parts site or showed a additional earth cable joining those earth connector on the gicar part.
      Checked it over with a meter and seemed OK so tried it, and it worked!
      It was late last night (this morning) so haven't done a full test with the boiler up to pressure but it looks good.
      Hopefully get a chance to try out once I get the kids to bed tonight.

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        Just an update the anti-vac wouldn't close so i had to clean that, reversed the O rings and its fine; and the group valve took a few back flushes to seat nicely.
        So all is good, I have coffee again.