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Faulty Procon: Replace, Re-build or Swap and Go?

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  • Faulty Procon: Replace, Re-build or Swap and Go?

    Hi all,

    I'm in the middle of a re-build project and the pump has died. It's squealing loudly and refuses to draw from a tank regardless of priming. It will flow with the help of mains pressure, but i'm sure that's mainly mains pressure that i'm seeing (machine does not have a brew pressure gauge).

    The pump is a Procon Series 1. As i see it, i have 3 options to get me going again:

    1) direct replacement (ie, purchase a new procon with appropriate flow rating, series, direction, etc)

    2) return/exchange (send my pump back to the service agent and get a refurbished model for a reduced price)

    3) rebuild (purchase a rebuild kit and rebuild the thing myself).

    So i have the following questions:

    1) who is the best vendor to speak to regarding purchase of a new unit? What sort of price should i expect?

    2) who is the Australian service agent and are they able to do a swap/exchange with my pump?

    3) where do i purchase a re-build kit? what will it cost? how hard is the rebuild itself? What precisely will it fix (ie, is there any chance that my pump's fault is outside of the scope of repairs offered by the rebuild kit).



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    I think Bombora might handle Procon but I may be wrong, best bet is probably to email the sponsors email address, one of them will at least be able to point you in the right direction.


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      Hi Michael.

      someone is selling one here at the moment under 'coffee hardware sale'.
      try this link: