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    Hey Guys,

    Just thought i would share with you my rebuild of my Rancilio Epoca. I managed to pick up my Epoca used of Gumtree for $400. The machine was advertised as having little use. I brought the machine unsighted and took the sellers word that it was in good working order.

    When getting the machine home it turned on started to heat water and then my safety switch went off. I spent two days trying to figure why the heating element wouldn't turn back on. The bulb had blown in the heating switch and melted the rest of the switch. I was able to bypass the heating switch and the machine lived! It did however need a replacement Anti-Vac Valve as it was leaking steam from the o-rings.

    I descaled the machine with citric acid, It was pretty bad! The group was black from old coffee oil and the group seal was rock hard. I had to remove by drilling screws in and then using plyers to pull it out! Steam pressure was still quite poor out of the steam wand. I wanted to do the C-Leaver conversion as well so i ordered all the replacement parts from Espresso Parts as sourcing them local was going to be a challenge. The difference in steam pressure is amazing!

    Overall going from my Miss Syvlia to the epoca was worth the $1000 that i have spent so far. All that is left is to get the front and sides painted black or cherry red. Still not sure.

    Pics to follow

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    From my Syvlia
    View image: IMG 1199

    To the Epoca
    View image: IMG 1373

    The Tear Down Begins!
    View image: IMG 1374

    The Epoca After!!
    View image: IMG 1375

    The Steam power is amazing!


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      Good looking machine.

      How do you rate it vs the silvia? is the shot quality better/ more consistent?


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        Thanks Mate,

        Very happy with my machine. The shot quality is really on par with the Sylvia but it's so much quicker to make a coffee due to not having to wait for the machine to heat up to steam milk, nor having to worry about the boiler running dry. Still very happy that i have made the switch!


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          I am looking at an epoca s20 series for a friend - slightly earlier version with only the one dose button. Its in great nick scale-wise but was not giving water at the brew head. Discovered it has two solenoid valves; one three way at group head and one two way at tank check. The tank check wasn't opening. I swapped the identical coils and they both work on the group head. Checked the circuit board and saw a slight burn mark/ discolouration. Very hard to find this circuit board, which would cost around $200 anyway. So hard to toss this thing. Its in great nick otherwise.