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    my father in law just bought a new saeco super auto, so i will play around with the settings this weekend.... just to confirm, grind should be finest, and hitting the small coffee button should product approx 30mls?

    there was no chance of him getting anything else... mother in law hates mess, but loves coffee......

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    Re: saeco super auto


    Firstly programme the volume of fluid to come out of a small coffee to be about 25ml.

    Adjust the qty of coffee ground to full which i thing with the saeco machines is about 9g of coffee.

    Then adjust the grind to a point where the coffee is coming out in a controlled stream but not too slow that it starts dripping.

    NOTE... only make adjustments to the grind setting while the grinder is operating. Move 1 click at a time and run 2 to 3 coffees through on each setting.

    Depending on the model you can also set pre infusion time. Go for max... and you should be able to preset bre temp. Again go for max.

    You will need to run a fair few coffees through to get the settings good.

    If you go to fine with the grind you may find that the machine will not go through the tamping process properly and just spit out the unused puck.

    If you use that as a general guide I am sure that you will be able to carry out the fine tuning.

    Just keep an eye on the colour of the extraction and the speed.


    Make sure you use fresh beans.

    Good luck to the super auto!