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Boiler water level probe

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  • Boiler water level probe

    I have a quick question regarding the water level probe on an ECM giotto premium.

    My machine was playing up today (not filling the boiler) so i decided to clean all the probes (water tank and boiler)
    As i went to take the electrical connection off the top of the boiler probe, it just broke.
    So silly me, then just grabbed a pair of pliers and pulled it all out.

    Now i was going to order a new one, but noticed they had 2 sizes, a 120mm and a problem as i believe i can just trim them down to size, however i dont know now how far down to now insert it back into the boiler....

    to low and fear of burning out the heating element and no doubt too high and bad steam

    Any advice on how to figure out how far to insert a new one

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    Pop in John,

    We have the OEM shebang if you want a newie.