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GAGGIA pump mystery

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  • GAGGIA pump mystery

    I Just bought a GAGGIA TE single group and the pump is not working.
    The boiler refills and the water comes out of the group head with mains pressure only.
    This means the solenoids are all opening, but no pump sound at all.

    Does anyone know what could be causing this?

    the machine is really clean and hasn't done a lot of work.
    And was working when the last owners stopped using it a few years ago.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I have just realised power is getting to the pump and I can see the motor moving slightly.
    I suspect the pump is jammed.
    not an easy job to remove the pump in this machine but at least I know the next step!


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      Oh man, very nice machine...

      Are the pumps on those rebuildable, I wonder?


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        I am not sure if these pumps can be rebuilt.

        I got the old one out and it is pretty stiff!
        Can turn with pliers but not by hand.

        I put a spare pump in and found the motor is now gone!
        It must have been trying too hard to turn the seized pump.
        I have a spare motor too so will try that next.


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          Well, with a new (used) motor it still doesn't work!!!!
          The new motor is turning very slowly, which is exactly what the original one was doing after I put in the new pump.
          maybe it is not getting enough power??
          I will check voltage next


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            It is now fixed!

            The voltage was a little low but not a problem.
            I then tried the motor with the pump detached and it worked fine.
            The new pump seemed very stiff which puzzled me.
            I had one other old pump that seemed to turn ok so I installed that one instead and it is working really well.

            I think the second pump was the wrong type.
            I bought it online and was never sure it was actually for a coffee machine.
            it is a procon but said 250 psi. i just worked out this is about twice the pressure it needs to be for a coffee machine.

            Pulled a few nice shots tonight so very happy!