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Brew Pressure Bouncing - VBM Jnr HX

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  • Brew Pressure Bouncing - VBM Jnr HX

    This has happened 3 or 4 times now so thought I would ask if this behaviour is normal or not for my VBM Junior HX.

    Normally when I start pulling a shot the brew pressure will shoot up to 10bar and stay their consistently for the duration.

    Around 3 or 4 times more recently the brew pressure has bounced between 7 and 8 bar at the start of the shot (maybe 5 seconds) and then the boiler heating element switches off (finishes cycle) and the brew pressure goes up to 10 bar and stays consistent.

    So, is this normal or is something on it's way out, like the vibe pump?

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    Any thoughts from anyone?


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      Originally posted by nabsie View Post
      Any thoughts from anyone?

      Yes. The pump is probably on the way out. They don't last forever, and sometimes start to fail with that symptom - at least if the boiler element turning off is just coincidence.
      But, if it isn't coincidence, then it possibly indicates another electrical/wiring issue rather than the pump itself (ie resulting in voltage drop to the pump when the boiler element is on) which is potentially dangerous.
      If that doesn't make sense, and you're not confident to check it properly DIY, then the machine needs to be serviced.


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        Thanks Bobrob.

        I'll keep an eye on it and double check the boiler coincidence piece. It hasn't happened in 3 or 4 weeks so I am think more likely the pump being faulty rather than dying as the machine is not 12 months old until late August (so still under warranty) but I'm not discounting a wiring issue.....not something to be taken lightly.