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  • VBM Domobar junior Question

    Hey All,
    Interested to know, the tubes that go into the water tank. one that has a protection cap and the other just an open tube, which is the water intake tube? And what does the other tube do? Pardon my ignorance.


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    The tube with the "protection cap" is the intake hose. The protection cap or filter is there so the machine doesn't suck up any large foreign objects. By no means is it a real water filter.

    The other tube is connected to the Over Pressure Valve (OPV) and is designed to redirect the flow of water when the OPV reaches a set pressure i.e 10 bar.


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      Sorry to jump on board this thread, but I've got a VBM junior question too.
      I just took delivery of shiny new one yesterday, and have spent all day reading and following instructions in regards to its first use. I've noticed a quite distinct tainted metal taste in the 1st 4 pulls.....wondering how long this will last and if theres any way of getting rid of it quickly? I was told by a local barista guru to scrub the inside of the handle with steel wool to remove the chrome coat and reveal the brass.......??? just not quite ready to go that hard on my new baby just yet!? or should I?Ta


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        Metallic taint can also occur when beans are harvested green rather than ripe. Could also be a dud roast. Might be worth trying another coffee.

        If it's machine based, pull a few sink shots and then see how you go.


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          I agree with trying a different coffee first (have a read of this thread as well). I have never heard of de-chroming the handle before but there is a thread on the HB forum about it. Sounds like a drastic and unnecessary measure. I would be trying a naked group handle before going down that path.
          Other options:

          1. Get someone else to try your coffee for a second opinion. You might be sensitive to that taste.

          2. What's the water quality like in your area (or from your tap)? Try using filtered water (not distilled) if you aren't already.

          3. Flush your boiler a couple of times: top up your tank with filtered water, bring your machine up to temperature (if not already) then switch off and drain the boiler via the hot water tap. Turn on and repeat. Get some proper espresso machine detergent to clean the brew path while you're at it.


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            If you cup your roast any faults, such as baking, will show up.

            14 gms (plunger grind,) pour over 200 mls water @ (approx) 95°C, brew 4 minutes, 'break' crust by pushing the back of a soup spoon
            through the crust to the bottom of the bowl, spoon off scum, brew further 7 minutes then get slurping.

            If the roast is baked (or too developed) a metallic, medicinal taste will sit over your mid to back palate like a saddle.


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              Thanks for the tips folks. At this stage, the brews appear to be improving considerably. I gave all the handles and baskets a good scrub with detergent on the inside, and I guess the boiler by now gas emptied and refilled a number of times. Given that I'm making about 4 shots every time at the moment (throw 3 out, drink 1) ill have her seasoned in no time! I did change to a different roast also, but I'm certain it was a 'new' metal taste.


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                Originally posted by daledugahole View Post
                but I'm certain it was a 'new' metal taste.
                That's the thing; New chromed metal doesn't (shouldn't) taste like anything...

                Either way, if it's improving, that's good to hear.


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                  . At this stage, the brews appear to be improving considerably.... I guess the boiler by now gas emptied and refilled a number of times.
                  As Dragunov says, there shouldn't be any 'new metal' taste from your handles and baskets.
                  Partially emptying and refilling the boiler during normal use isn't the same as completely flushing it. The improved taste may be due to dilution of whatever might have been in there as the boiler tops up with new water. I would suggest at least one attempt at a complete flush out including tilting your machine to the right to help empty the boiler completely (and don't forget to close off the hot water tap once you have emptied the boiler)


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                    Good idea. I'll do the flush thing properly to be sure. Todays brews I can't detect any taste, so touch wood theres no major drama going on.
                    Thanks all for your help with this.