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Isomac Mondiale OPV Pressure Creep

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  • Isomac Mondiale OPV Pressure Creep

    Hi Everyone,

    I haven't posted here before because i've never really had a problem with my machine... and I've never been confident that my advice to other members issues would be a help!!

    I have owned my Mondiale for about 4 years. I have started notice that over time the OPV gradually starts to increase the regulated press over time. Let me explain what I mean...

    I adjust the OPV so that when pulling a shot the pressure gauge ramps up to 9.5Bar. What I notice happening though is that this pressure gradually creeps up. Say over 2 months or so my extractions might be up near 11Bar.

    I was wondering if this is a common issue with the OPV's. I suspect that the spring or ball valve become sticky thus increasing the pressure. I have found that if I loosen the adjusting nut off then tighten it back up to the same place the pressure will be back at 9.5Bar and the whole process starts over again!!

    Is it time to replace with a new one or can they be pulled apart and cleaned/lubricated?

    Thanks in advance for anyones opinions/advice.


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    Hmm.... No one huh?

    Guess you've got to be a forum regular. Oh well.

    Coffeesnobs indeed!!


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      Ignoring the sarcasm....

      Firstly- 9.5Bar will be too low for reasons discussed here in many other threads. If in fact the OPV is sticky, it will likely be due to scale- which can also cause false system pressure readings on inbuilt gauges is some circumstances.