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Brasilia Cappuccino Electrical schematic

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  • Brasilia Cappuccino Electrical schematic

    Hi Folks,

    I'm looking for the wiring diagrams for the machine above, in manual push button model and also touchpad version.

    My office machine, the push button one, had the pump constantly running and a trickle coming from the overflow pipe. Pulled a couple of shots and then pump constantly running and flowing out overflow pipe. So being a tight arse & tinkerer, I sourced a donor unit but it's a touchpad version, missing touchpad, element and level probe in boiler. Replaced the pump and water inlet distribution block from donor and on start up, tripped the earth leakage, not good and confused as it didn't do this previously. So I went the other way and put everything into the donor unit as it's in better condition.

    Here's the deal cruncher. Obviously the wiring is different between machines, specifically I need to know
    1. How to wire between the water inlet solenoid and water tank level control without going via touchpad.
    2. How to wire between boiler level probe and ...... somewhere ??

    #2 is confusing as I powered up and without the probe in the boiler, there was power to the element. Obviously bad as if there is no water in boiler, element can burn out.

    Please don't make me 'pay' someone to fix it...........

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    Try this link, found enough info in there to start working on my Brasilia Maxi America

    They don't have full schematics in them, but an overall diagram. It's normally just enough for one to figure out whats going on.

    From the original diagnosis it sounded like it might be a problem with the water level probe / bad earth on the boiler.