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Giotto Premium dead...

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  • Giotto Premium dead...

    ...well not entirely. I have no steam or hot water but the extraction pump and boiler appear to be functioning.
    Now I have had good service from this machine for about 7 years but I've had to replace the controller board at no cheap expense before and I'm guessing that this is a repeat issue.
    Is there a known fault with this model? Is there something I need to do to prevent this from occurring? Or is it a case of having to do this every few years and it's just part of the joy of ownership?
    Maybe it's time to consider offloading this kit for a newer model but sometimes its better the devil you know.


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    Hello MJ,

    It will be one of element, control board or thermal cutout. The element can be tested for resistance (circa 45 ohm) and the thermal cutout can be reset as part of the fault finding.

    When you had the board replaced, the machine should have been rewired to the current spec. If this didn't happen, it's probably another board. It's probably best to have the machine checked over.

    Hope you're up and running soon.


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      Hi Chris, I'm curious - what's involved in the rewire? How does the original wiring affect the control board or contribute to its failure? I'm guessing wire gauge, or ... Ok, I'll stop guessing and wait patiently :-)
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        If you see black and grey to the pressurestat, a partial rewire is required. Whilst there are diagrams around the place, it should be done by a qualified tech.


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          Hmmm... weirdly I've turned it all on tonight and it appears to be working... for now.
          I'm not sure what was done when the board was replaced last time. If it needs reboarding I'll certainly be asking more questions this time.
          However the fact that I have it working tonight may point something other than the board? At least it can't be totally fried?
          Clearly I'll have to scout about for some maintenance sooner rather than later.


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            That intermittent behaviour sounds more like a board than not.


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              Agreed- element relay (on control board) on the way out...

              I'm betting it's wired old skool black and grey...


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                Hmmm... well had a weekend away and on return it appears the whole machine is now dead... no steam, no extraction, no heat
                So... I'll take a peek at the board but I'm guessing as it was replaced 3+ years ago that it may well not have been done to current standard.
                Whilst I've had good use over 7 years, at $500+ a service when the board is involved, it's proving not to be a good value unit for me.
                I'll be getting the service guys to take a careful look at the root cause rather than just bung another board in.
                I'll keep you posted.


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                  Will be the board....