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Grimac La Uno repair

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  • Grimac La Uno repair

    I picked up a malfunctioning Grimac La Uno a few weeks ago that had the autofill and hot water solenoid playing up (so was buying a bit blind on other faults).
    Thankfully the autofill was just dirty water probes and the solenoid came good with cleaning out the valve by soaking it in vinegar. Although pulling apart the Gicar unit it is a very simple circuit and all through hole parts should it ever fail.
    When i pulled out the e61 mushroom though I was a bit horrified at the scale that had built up! Took quite a lot of scrubbing and vinegar/citric acid baths to get it back to shining new it is much harder to clean the inside of the mushroom chamber though.

    This led me to a fairly heavy descale by removing the safety valve and siphoning out the boiler water and siphoning in a citric acid solution multiple times as well as running through the group head/Hx lines.

    I doubt it had been back flushed many times in its life as there was a lot of coffee buildup in the group head and pre-infusion chamber a scrubber, backflush detergent and elbow grease cleared this up though.

    After this I could run through some clean water to flush it all and get it up to temperature which brought up a faulty anti-vac valve that was not seating properly and venting often (replaced with new). Also replaced the shower screen, the brew switch, e61 filter screen, group seal and some other little bits and pieces.

    I replaced the steam wand as in which required the removal of the steam wand valve to be able to compress the spring enough. You can see the difference between the two arms in the photos attached.

    It is now producing great coffee (after dropping pressure stat to 1.2bar max). I just need to get my hands on a Scace thermometer/pressure tester to double check temperature and pump pressure can anyone recommend someone/somewhere in Melbourne?
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    This is awesome. I'm about to star a refurb very similar. I'll be sure to post as I go