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  • What should I purchase ??

    Hi folks,

    I'm currently in the market for a new machine and My budget is 2500 give or take a little. I already have a mazzer mini doserless (and all the other bits and pieces) so really just need a decent machine to compliment it. I previously have owned a sunbeam 6910 and have a solid understanding of pulling shots.

    From the research I have been doing I'm thinking its gonna be between a expobar minore iv or rocket Giotto, please advise me if I'm wrong!. I don't know much about the machines around this price range so if there is a no brainer machine I should be buying for my price range I'd love to hear it.


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    Welcome Jsmith89,

    Two excellent machines- but there are plenty of others which are also good.

    With good machines, it's not so much about great coffee as this is a given. It's about the other things- ergonomics, steam wands, drip trays, valves, tanks, chassis.

    I recommend you speak to someone who can point out some pros and cons and use them to choose the best match of features for your personal requirements.

    Of the 2 machines you have mentioned, no doubt that the Giotto is better finished, but this should not be viewed in isolation when making a choice.

    We are happy to assist if you'd like to chat about some options.

    Happy shopping!



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      As Chris says, once you get up into that price range there are a goodly number of excellent machines. The differences will come down to (mostly) personal preferences--looks, ergonomics, control layout, size, etc.

      Your best bet is to go to a retailer with a decent range, and decide after you have seen/felt the different machines.



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        I noticed Cosmorex had some great specials when I went there the other weekend .... give them a call
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