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  • Isomac Tea Problems

    Hi everyone,
    I'd be interested to hear any thoughts on the Isomac Tea. In particular, I've owned a Tea for about 3 years now, and am getting a little tired of the problems. Its been back to the shop for a breakdown about every 8-12 months. Each time I'm having to drink bad coffee whilst eagerly awaiting my baby's return. This is giving me a moderate case of withdrawal-fuelled upgraditis, but I don't want to change machines if the alternatives all have a similar breakdown rate. The problems I've had have been the thermostat (i think) sticking on and running the tank dry (several times, on two different isomacs) and also, recently I've had no water coming out of the grouphead, despite the pump running, and the machine being descaled and cleaned out. At its last visit to the shop, I was told that the shop stopped stocking Isomacs because of frequent issues (although they've had the machine twice in the last week without actually fixing the problem, so may have some credibility issues). My questions are:
    1. Are other Isomac owners experiencing frequent problems?
    2. Should I expect problems with other similarly priced machines?
    Any opinions would be gratefully received!

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    Hi Sam
    I have had my Tea II for five years now and it is still going stongly. Initially I had gripes with temp stability which the original vendor did not want to know about but the boys at Dimattina in Perth added a flow restrictor and Maria was a totally different beast! Apart from regular servicing, descaling and replacing the on-off switch twice I have had no major problems.


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      +1 ..My Millennium is 5 yrs old and a solid performer.
      Only fault has been a failed pressure stat (= over temperature).
      The replacement p'stat also failed a few days after fitting, so the problem is the p'stats , not the basic machine.
      A "CEME" p'stat is standard fitting , but a better unit could easily be substituted ( Jeager ?)


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        Thanks to you both. Appreciate the responses.