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Nuova Simonelli Musica leaky seal

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  • Nuova Simonelli Musica leaky seal

    hi guys, long story short I decided to help out my uncle with a light service. After a year of heavy use he didnt know to chemical backwash or that he needed to change the group seal.

    Anyway after figuring out that it needed a 7mm ring I couldnt get the damn screw loose. ive tried back flushing with both water and powder to try loosen the gunk but no luck. Ive alao tried the ice trick but to no avail. its just really stuck.

    so I decided to just change the group seal by using a hook and popped the new seal in. all was looking well. The portafilters fit nice and snug but when I went to season the machine it started leaking from the top no a lot but enough.

    im thinking I should just take it to a sponsor for an annual service if I cant figure out these niggling issues. Any suggestions from anyone to help me fix this leaky issue or remove the damn shower screen screw!

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    Hi Coffeechaos

    There is a good chance that there is coffee residue up under the seal.
    Without changing the shower screen and cleaning the diffuser plate you are not going to get the best out of the machine.
    We are an authorised repairer for Nuova Simonelli.
    Feel free to contact us and we can have a good look at your machine


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      Hi, Simonelli Musica has made my short list for a new machine, I was wondering where you are located in case I did buy one and needed repairs on it.


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        Our address is 149 Martin St, Brighton.
        We have the Musica, Fiorenzato (E61) and Bezzera Galeta on display.
        Let me know if you would like to make a time to come in
        Casa Espresso