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    When we switched on our new machine in the morning, the pump would run for about 5 seconds.We thought this was normal.
    After the first service, this behaviour completely disappeared. But after a few months it again, very occasionally, runs the pump for a few seconds upon startup.
    Does this indicate any kind of fault?

    Also, before the service it used to make a sound (not unlike the starter motor of an old car) when pulling coffees. After the service, this also ceased. What is this sound and, should it return, does it too indicate a fault?

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    This is sometimes caused by a grotty boiler probe. I wouldn't worry too much unless the behaviour of your machine is abnormal.

    The "woofle" is/was the opv. It may have been adjusted in service. Again, no issue unless their is a problem with coffee or performance of the machine.


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      Thanks Chris.
      "Woofle" there is a word.
      The anti-vac valve was replaced during the service.
      The machine is now working wonderfully after the service by.............Talk Coffee!
      All the best.