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San Remo Capri - any owners here?

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  • San Remo Capri - any owners here?

    Hi, it's my first post here. I started out with a Delonghi EC330S and it broke in 6 months of daily use. I think I'm good enough to make use of a better machine at this point, so I'm not going to bother with repairing that thing. I happen to have found a killer deal for a 1 group Capri and a Sr50 grinder, so I'm wondering if it's worth buying? It's being offered to me at around USD 1000, so it really would be a steal. The problem is that, while it was used for only 3 months, it hasn't been used in a year and a half. The owner doesn't know much about coffee and it was just sitting in her house for a year. Do you guys think it would be worth buying even after being ignored for a year? How hard would it be to bring it back to normal condition (if I have to do anything at all)? Is it even a good machine in the first place? Information about the San Remo Capri is scarce, so anything would be much appreciated.