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  • Profitec Pro 500

    Profitec Pro 500

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    In Brief

    The Profitec Pro 500 has a heat exchanger for simultaneous delivery of coffee and steam and E61 group head for temperature stability and pre-infusion.

    Pro 500 Highlights
    The Pro 500 has a calibrated brew system for optimal brew water temperature even if left on for prolonged periods, non crush steam and water valves, a deep drip tray and easy access to the water tank via lifting the cup warmer tray.

    • Heat exchanger system
    • E61 brew group
    • No-wear rotary valves
    • Cool touch steam and hot water wands
    • Boiler and pump pressure gauges
    • 2L boiler
    • Sirai pressurestat (Aus version - other regions may vary)
    • 1400W Heating element
    • Ulka EX5 vibration pump
    • Water tank with coupling and 3L volume
    • Sensor shuts off machine when low water volume
    • Orange control lamp indicates low water
    • Removable cup tray
    • Weight 23.5kg (51.7lbs.)
    • Dimensions: W x 302cm, D x 447cm, H x 393cm - without portafilter
    • W x 302cm, D x 555cm, H x 393cm - with portafilter
    • Voltage: 220V - 240V

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    Hi all, purchased one of these from Charlie at Jetblack Espresso on the weekend, and must say that I'm very happy with it. It was an upgrade from a 13 year old Sylvia which had served me well over the years, not a single problem, just got a dose of upgraditis...

    I'm kind of intrigued by the lack of commentary on this machine in the forums - not many people have them, or they just don't talk about them?



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      Hi Alan

      I bought a Profitec 500 from Jetblack's dealer Richard Silipo on the Gold Coast on July 1 last year and have been meaning to write a review ever since. I upgraded from a EM6910, so it was a big leap. But I had a Mazzer Mini serving us patiently for well over a year because I always knew I'd get a good machine to match. I was planning on an ECM Technika but I have two friends with them and they've both had issues with the steam lever leaking when they finish steaming. Talking to Charlie at Jetblack, I decided to go with the Profitec because of the no-wear valves and what he convinced me were more sturdy components than the ECM, despite them being almost identical machines. (They're even made in the same factory, I believe.)

      One of the reasons I wanted to buy a good machine was to be confident that when I made a bad coffee it was my fault and I couldn't blame my tools. Well, I'm still capable of doing a dodgy pour, but this is more about not getting the grind right, especially when trying different beans. I have a friend who roasts for one of the excellent local coffee suppliers up here so my challenge is usually to not use the beans too soon, rather than worrying about old beans. It's when I run out of her beans or try other suppliers that my grind goes out.

      Ten months on, I'd recommend the Profitec unreservedly. I really love this machine. I usually make only two strong lattes a day but I still backflush at least every second day and give it a chemical backflush every month. I'm hoping to pass both the Mazzer and the Profitec on to my five year old daughter (when she graduates from babycinos to the real thing) so I'm more than happy to lather attention on both machines. The only wear and tear on the machine that I've noticed is the rotary valves getting a bit squeaky. But that's probably just a matter of oiling or greasing, if I could be bothered. Other than this, the only downside I can really think of about this machine is that I'm stuck there making coffees for hours when we have visitors. And no matter how hard I've tried it isn't easy to maintain a conversation while making coffees. But hey, I've found myself with lots of new friends!

      There are things about the ECM I still prefer - the gauges are placed at the top where they can be seen more easily, and I'm envious of the ECM's heavy stainless steel portafilters. And some might prefer the water tank access on the ECM - the glass warming tray is half the size of the machine with the lid to the water tank behind it. The Profitec warmer tray covers the whole machine and you lift it off to access the water tank, but I think I prefer the larger tray. And it's no big deal either way.

      Apart from being relatively new to the market in Australia, I wonder if part of the reason Profitec has a low profile is its dorky name - it does sound like some sort of toxic pharmaceutical, after all.

      Or else, Alan, maybe only quality guys cursed with a dorky name can get behind a machine with an equally dorky name and recognise the quality.

      buon gusto!

      Alan in tropical Northern NSW.


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        I still use my ECM bottomless PF with my Profitec. Agree that the ECM PFs are fantastic.