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Upgrading from Silvia budget 2.5k

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  • Upgrading from Silvia budget 2.5k

    Hi All!

    I feel like it's time to move from a single boiler to a more serious machine, I have up to 2800$ to spend max! I have some machine on the radar like the Izzo vivi PID or the Rocket Evoluzione V2 if I can stretch! Size is not an issue. I'd prefer a quieter machine but was wondering if some ppl had been also upgrading from a Silvia and what path they chose?

    Thanks for your advices guys

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    Stating the obvious but.... keep in mid a more serious machine also deserves a more serious grinder .
    Build it into your budget also.


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      Thanks blend yes I have a good grinder (I think) a MACAP M4 stepless, just need the machine to go with it!


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        Hi upgraded from my silvia to a Rancilio Epoca. Great quality machine. HX, 4L brass boiler, powerful steam just a great reliable machine that makes great coffee. I think you can pick one of new for $2500? I manged to grab mine second hand for $500 on the internet so it pays to have a look around.


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          For my family use at home I have a Unico Splendor made by BFC.

          Its in your price bracket, wont break the budget, and is a lovely machine.


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            I am definitely not a fan of the Epoca at $2500. When Rancilio built it, they forgot to put a chassis in it. At $500 there is some value but there a heap of better machines around for $2.5k- the Unico Splendor included.

            To Rabelais,

            Your short-list looks like a good start point for evaluation of pros and cons to allow you to choose the right machine.


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              There's a splendour for 1500 on the marketplace atm...