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  • Upgraditis? :)

    Hi All,

    Looking to possibly upgrade! Hope you can all point me in the right direction!

    Reason for wanting a change is the comparison to coffees I get from other cafes, is the overall coffee experience. In this I mean taste and milk texture. I cannot seem to replicate it no matter what I try. I can get a really good tasting latte (in my opinion) however cannot get it as good as a "commercial" machine! (Don't know if any home ones will do anything remotely like this)

    I have a feeling that the Dual Boiler while good has its limitations. Now I don't mind learning a new machine, however I want to ensure the upgrade and money spent will be well spent!

    So what I currently have is follows:
    Breville Dual Boiler 900
    Breville Smart Grinder BCG800
    Beans from a variety of sources but mainly from Manna Beans

    1 Coffee Every Morning (weekdays)
    2 Coffees Every Weekend Day

    Crucial Elements:
    1. Timer! (being on every morning @ 4.45am is great!)

    Now I don't know if I need a new grinder or if the BCG800 will do for a new machine, however I was looking at a Mazzer Mini (if anybody has any other ideas, I am all ears!)

    Any help or recommendations you can give would be great!

    Budget - $2500 + Grinder

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    Unless your local cafés are doing something amazing, your gear is more than capable of making cafe-quality coffee, so I suspect it's down to practice, maybe a bit of training, and sticking to the best beans you can get your hands on and nailing a shot with them.

    Yes a mazzer would be a great grinder, or a compak K3 for $150-200 less that the mazzer would also be great, both would be more than adequate to get the most from your dual boiler.


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      As above. With quality beans you should be making ripper shots that rival great cafés. Your grinder is more towards the low end but still capable of a good shot. A grinder upgrade would be you best bang for buck.

      Perhaps invest in a coffee course and look to work on your technique and consistency?



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        I recently bought a Mazzer Mini to pair with my EM6910. The grinder made a massive difference to the quality of the shot during extraction.

        My problem then became the bug bear of all EM6910 owners... the steam pressure. Great shots terrible milk!

        Solution... I bought a Rocket Giotto PP2 last week from a CS sponsor... Problem solved. You can get by on similar cafe quality coffee but now I'm producing cafe quality coffee with the right equipment.

        My upgrade would fit your budget.

        My only word of advise 'upgraditis' is really just a fancy word for coveting thy neighbours coffee machine.

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          Buy your beans fresh from a roaster that has roasted them within the last few days. Are you using the pressurized or non pressurized basket? Validate your technique and m/c usage. If you still want to upgrade, get the grinder first - mazzer. Not a big fane of breville, but your grinder upgrade should be noticable. Another to consider, is the baratza vario(I have one) great little grinder, but can't argue with a mazzer.


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            Who am I to try and stop someone from stimulating this lousy economy, but as some others have said, your set up is already at the level where you should be able to replicate the standard of coffee you get from any particular cafe using fully commercial equipment, and any difference will be the capability of the operator (equal quality of beans is assumed). According to the budget you stated above, I reckon I can save you thousands of dollars by suggesting nicely that you should instead consider taking a course from a reputable trainer to help you get the best out of your already very good home use equipment.

            The danger is, unless you are already capable of driving the current set up to optimum / maximum effect, you could spend thousands of dollars on new equipment expecting it to somehow improve your coffee just from throwing it on the bench, , but still have the same problem....

            Learn how to get the best out of your current gear first or you will be wasting your money.

            If you still want to spend money, I have only great things to say about my own home use set up which is a BFC Unico Splendor and Macap grinder.
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              Thanks for the replies so far!
              I guess for me it is a difference of beans, however I get my beans from Manna Beans and they are normally roasted on the day of shipping. From there I don't grind until 3 days after, so I don't think it is there.
              I regularly get really good "honey-like" flow, however I do agree with others and think that a grinder will go a long way to my setup.