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  • Expobar Basket Sizes

    Having read about how a single basket should take 7 grams of grounds and a double basket should take around 14 grams I sort of assumed mine would be roughly similar.

    Using mostly single basket shots for myself Ive got used to the caffeine strength from this and on the odd occasion where Id use the double basket and make 2 drinks Id find mine decidedly weak.

    So upon finally weighing just what went into the basket found:

    the standard Expobar single takes 12 grams !!

    the standard Expobar double takes 18 grams !!

    no wonder I felt ripped off in the caffeine department only having a 1/2 of a double shot.

    Is this normal? did I get abnormal baskets with my Minore ??

    I had looked at the baskets of a ECM Giotto in a nameless store and found them to look almost identical to my own Expobar ones.


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    Re: Expobar Basket Sizes

    Dont have experience in the volume of baskets, only their internal diameters, but those figures sound fairly normal. Singles tend to range from 6-12g, doubles from 12-20g, and triples are 20-26g. Its nominal though, because some beans are heavier than others, and youll fit more or less in depending on how fine you grind and whether you do any settling knocks before weighing.


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      Re: Expobar Basket Sizes

      Yes, I do a few settling knocks with the single.

      I find with these baskets they almost have to be full, or encounter a soggy wet puck at the end.


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        Re: Expobar Basket Sizes

        Sounds right, if the Espobar double is similar to the Rancilio.

        And the generic replacement ones are even bigger! Fourteen grams produces rather week, wet puck coffee, and you need at least 2-3 grams more for a satisfactory extraction.

        Then again, read JavaBs experiment with downsizing.....