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PID Adjustment. Lelit PL60T V2

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  • PID Adjustment. Lelit PL60T V2

    Last year I bought a nice PL60T from Jetblack Espresso.
    it's been running great, so I thought I'd add some insulation to the boilers to help them heat up faster and maintain an even temperature more easily

    SO I've used some proper foil-backed foam and wrapped each boiler, secured it all with S/S ties and it looks like a factory job.

    Only thing is I've noticed it hunts down and back up to the preset temp (93') a lot more.

    Now i'm assuming the PID controller has been calibrated to deal with the lost heat of having no insulation, and that's now causing some temperature hunting.

    Are the PID controllers re-programmable at all?
    Or am I better off just removing the insulation.

    I've found I can trick the machine a little by setting the PID up to 95' when I switch it on
    But when I start grinding I'll re-set it back at 93' and it comes back down to temp, and I pour my coffees.

    Possibly the PID is calibrated properly to target 95' (as it was set out of the box) but the beans I'm using are blended/ roasted to be used at 93'

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    whats your temperature range with the PID? I believe that once at temperature it should only be 1 degree? In other words the PID should keep your boiler at temp within 1 deg once it reaches its set temp.


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      Will go up to 94 but drops back to 91.

      it also has a strange operation when you first turn it on,
      -you turn it on, let it heat for a minute or two (pressure rises in the brew boiler)
      -purge the boiler.
      -it comes up to temp quickly, but then drops back down to mid 80's before climbing again slowly to the preset.
      -Maybe a faulty PID

      It's done this since day 1, but figured it was normal operation.


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        Hi Robbks,

        Yes the PID controllers in Lelits are tuned for each model to account for everything that affects the boiler temperature (that is, the system being controlled). Insulating the boiler will change the system which, if significant enough, will change the response of the PID controller.

        You are well and truly "off the grid" when it comes to maintenance we encourage customers to do at home . I'll pm you,



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          Big Thanks to Charlie and the Jetbalck Team

          Great service!!