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Vibiemme Domobar Piccolo steam nozzle

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  • Vibiemme Domobar Piccolo steam nozzle

    Hi folks.
    Just upgraded from a Silvia to a VBM domobar pic.
    Coffee is great, but the steam wand suuuuuucks, with way too much steam blasting my milk from cold to scalding with no time to develop microfoam.

    Anyone have any experience changing to a single hole tip?

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    Hi Seabass,

    I have been the proud owner of same machine for about a month. Initially my steaming experiences were similar A.K.A. a real PITA. However followed KK's advice on this thread:

    Especially noticed difference when started using 300ml jug as suggested. Still got to be on the ball as milk steams in about 10-15 sec, however, since reading and following KK's advice have managed to create silky microfoam pretty close to 100% of the time.



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      A change of machine can often lead the tradie to blame the tools.... The Piccolo is fine.
      • steam is via a rotary knob. You have control over how much you use
      • the steam wand is too vertical. Bend it out so you can get an angle in the jug and produce a whirlpool without tilting the jug.
      • Milk texture is easy. Just under the surface and off centre = whirlpool. Little else is required other than perhaps 1cm stretch if you want more microfoam for a capp. You fight a steam wand and you will lose pretty much every time.
      • If it's still too fast, block a hole while you learn your machine

      Happy learning curve


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        Great response. I too struggled for the first week or so with the power of the steam and was thinking along the same lines as you.
        Practice with the little VBM makes perfect. It's a great little machine that when coupled with a good grinder and suitably serviced will match higher end units. I have no desire to upgrade.


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          Thanks for the advice. It is matched with a mazzer SJ so that should be sufficient.
          I'll report back with my progress.


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            I'm interested to see how you went bass, I am 6 months into the 2 tip nozzle and just can't master it, was smashing milk with the silvia single tip...