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Rocket giotto premium plus water pump problem. Please help

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  • Rocket giotto premium plus water pump problem. Please help

    I took my giotto in a plane flight. Emptied all the water previously. Then i have a problem with the machine after pluging it on the wall power socket, the light is blinking although enough water is actually there.

    Lifted up the water tank and pluged it back on, the light starts to get on steady and waited the pressure reach 1 like normal after some 15 min or so, then started to put the coffee on but then after like 2 seconds of running pump, the pump stoped and water doesnt come out and the light is again blinking.

    Then after few tries i lost hope and switched it off. Then went to look over the net on similar problem but couldnt find one. Then i turned it on again hoping this time is ok and it is just a glitch. The light went steady on and the first few shots were ok and i was happy thought yes it may be just a glitch but after i frothed milk, the problem starts again, it gave me that strange blinking light.

    it looks like tge machine thinks there is no water in there but there is.

    also i have a feeling that when it was loaded into plane cargo it was tumbled and wasnt placed vertically.

    Is there anyway i can fix this as there is no giotto service centre where i am now? I am in Jakarta Indonesia for some coffee exhibition.

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    Probably nothing wrong with the machine, maybe its the water?


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      Unlikely to be the water unless it's close on distilled or filtered with zero TDS.

      ahhh espresso- If you'd like to PM or email, I'll give you a few things to check....