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Giotto Premium Plus - faulty OPV

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  • Giotto Premium Plus - faulty OPV

    This morning while making a shot on my Giotto PP, I noticed water coming out of the drip tray outlet while the shot was pouring - a fair amount. I made another shot and noted the water started emerging from the outlet once the grouphead came up to pressure after pre-infusion. There was a rising whining sound that appeared to come from the left of the machine. I fitted a blind filter and confirmed that the water comes out of the outlet once brew pressure is reached. The manometer shows about 1.1 bar (normal).

    I'm guessing it's the OPV making this noise and that it's either faulty (needs to be replaced) or there's something (scale) causing problems. Any help advice appreciated.

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    Time to give the group pistons a once over Flynn. I think you will find worn and/or perished hardware.

    Good luck!



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      Cheers Chris. I have noticed a bit of friction there recently.

      Good luck? Surely good management is the key. I think I'll be putting this in the hands of experienced espresso technicians.


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        Got my GPP back today. I put it in the very capable hands of the Jetblack team and the problem I experienced was fixed by replacing the drain valve seal. The brew valve also needed to be replaced and they also gave it a full service.

        The outcome is not only a non'leaking drain but a much improved brew process with a wonderfully smooth brew lever action. The latte I made myself when I got home never tasted better.
        I thoroughly recommend getting your machine serviced professionally at least once in its lifetime. Thanks Charlie and team.