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    Hi guys I have a question about simonelli musica. With that machine being a heat exchanger is a flush needed before the brew is started to flush out the over heated water and steam and if so can I alter the coffee taste by changing the time between flush and brew start like ive heard mentioned for e61 machines.
    Thanks for any help

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    I only use a flush when the machine has been sitting on for a while before I do a shot. I always do the shot straight after the flush so cannot comment on the variance of the taste. I have found that the machine is pretty stable with the temperatures but still do a cooling shot after it has been sitting for 20 minutes or more. There has been some comment on here that a cooling flush is not necessary but I have found when doing the cooling flush you get a lot of hissing and steam so I would think that the cooling flush is necessary. Hope this helps

    By the way you may get quicker replies by posting the Brewing Equipment - Pointy End ($1500-$3000) in the euipment section
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