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  • Lever for Multiple Drinks/Temp Stable

    Hi everyone,

    New to the lever scene...I'm looking at starting a coffee cart next year and have decided I want to run a lever for, among other reasons, the lower power requirements.

    To get in some serious practice, I want to upgrade my home machine to a lever. I'm wondering if there is a lever below the 2k mark that is able to put out somewhat consistent shots/steaming ability? From what I can see most have problems with overheating.

    Whilst I do often make multiple drinks at a time, I also want to have the opportunity to "get to know the machine/beans". I'm upgrading from an old Gaggia Classic and one of the things that annoyed me about it was that I didn't get many attempts to dial a shot in before the boiler faded/significantly changed in temp etc. It was a very temperamental machine, though I still love it! :P


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    i dont know much about actually using a lever machine, but maybe this might help as a little pre-reading?


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      Hi JPA

      Welcome to the world of levers!

      We stock La Pavoni, Elektra and the Bezzera Strega lever.

      You are right about overheating with continuous use particularly with the Pavoni lever. To be fair to the machine they are not designed for continuous use, really just two or three shots and then turned off.
      The Elektra is better but it too will eventually succumb to over heating.
      At the top is the Strega which is a wonderful machine but maybe above your $2000 price limit.
      We have all three of these machines on display at our show room in Melbourne, so if y0u are close by feel free to drop in for a chat, demo and a coffee

      casa Espresso


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        [QUOTE=JPA;529893...... I'm wondering if there is a lever below the 2k mark that is able to put out somewhat consistent shots/steaming ability? From what I can see most have problems with overheating. .[/QUOTE]

        Ponte Vecchio Lusso would fit that bill
        Click image for larger version

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          We must be related?

          I've a GC and am in a heightened state of excitement here, waiting for the call from Antony to collect LP!!!!

          To pull one lever shot after another would have to be one of life's great joys.



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            Hello JPA and welcome.

            In my opinion, there is little value in purchasing a small lever if it's big cafe style spring levers you wish to explore.

            My advice would be to inhale deeply, pull the belt in and look closely at the Izzo Alex Leva. Reason? It's the same as the good stuff and has the beaut San Marco group.

            If it's just for evaluation, you will have no trouble finding a buyer once you're done. Ours have marched out the door. Heck, if you have an ABN, you could even do a rent/try/buy with SilverChef or GoGetta for about $60/week.

            You will find a discussion thread here and if you'd like to know more, we're happy to help.



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              I have read a lot about the looks the business but out of my price range unfortunately. I am still a uni student if that gives some perspective But if I go the second hand route that may open up a few more options.

              Regarding the Lusso, I've heard of some issues with quality but that was for the single group machine. I wonder if the 2 group is any different? It does seem to work a lot more like a commercial lever than some other machines at the same price point. My concern was the smaller shot sizes - some people say you'll only get one shot (20-30mL) from each group at a time, as opposed to a double (50-60mL).

              On a side note - why don't the bigger commercial levers suffer from overheating as well? Obviously they have a bigger heat sink but I would have thought the shot/steaming volume would negate this to some extent.

              Antony & Chris, I was down in Melbourne just the other week - kicking myself I didn't stop by. I'll make sure to give you both a visit next time I'm down.


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                I should also note that I want a machine that I can learn a lot on...I had some great coffees on the gaggia but often the taste felt 'muted' for lack of a better word. I'm hoping my next machine will help develop my taste a bit better so I can more seriously diagnose a shot.


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                  Fair 'nuf JPA.

                  The lusso whilst fun will not teach you about commercial levers any more than a percolator would- so just buy your next machine and forget about it contributing much of use to a commercial environment.

                  The strega, not bad. The only thing Bezzera forgot was PID control for the cartridge heaters in the group. In my experience (an opinion), it needs it to hope to compete with the biggies.




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                    Do you prefer the San Marco group of the Izzo over say the Bosco group of the Achille?


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                      Originally posted by Hildy View Post
                      Do you prefer the San Marco group of the Izzo over say the Bosco group of the Achille?
                      Yep- I do. It's way more forgiving.

                      I also much prefer a dipper group to the HX configuration of the Achille/Londinium. Both of these machines needed a truckload of work to make them user friendly (read Australium/Frankenachille). The CMA dipper group in the Ventus is very, very close but more inclined to channel due to the wider, shallower 58mm basket. It's a little less forgiving if dose and distribution are <100%.
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                        You must have been reading my mind!

                        We are currently developing a PID system for the Strega and hope to be able to offer it as a fitted option on purchase.


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                          Thumbs up Antony. It will make it a much, much better machine!


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                            Interesting! If you don't mind me asking, why wouldn't I get a whole lot of value out of the Lusso and other levers as compared to the Izzo Alex? I had the impression that these levers would be a good learning experience because they aren't as stable/forgiving as a commercial machine. Granted they aren't like for like, I'm sure there would be some knowledge crossovers.

                            Apart from the obvious boiler size, stability, basket size etc. what else separates the domestic from the commercial levers in terms of operation?


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                              Originally posted by Talk_Coffee View Post
                              The CMA dipper group in the Vesuvius
                              The Ventus?