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ECM Giotto leakage issues - please help!

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  • ECM Giotto leakage issues - please help!

    Hi Guys -
    I have a Giotto that had a vacuum pressure valve (I think) that needed attention as it was blowing steam continuously.
    Found a local technician who replaced it and when I got the machine back there was condensation in the pressure gauge and water trickling out of it.
    He replaced the gauge at cost (although it was fine before) and the new one is doing exactly the same thing. Exactly.
    He 's getting that one replaced as it's deemed faulty. Seems odd - 2 faulty ones and I've never seen the problem before.
    But not only that, there is water leaking from the bottom of the machine. A fair bit of it.
    I contacted the technician and he suggested I reseat the water tank and said he didn't know what else it could be.
    Of course, that made no difference - surely with pipes and tanks and pumps and connections there are any number of ways it could leak. I had a leakage problem before which was fixed but those technicians are so busy you can't even get them to look at them within a fortnight.
    The new guy is a really nice guy and very efficient, but I don't want to get in a cycle where my machine isn't fixed, gets worse and I seem like a fussy customer. Just want the thing to work!!!!

    Any ideas? I'm Newcastle based.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Hmm....Job incomplete me thinks.


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      If you are happy to take the panels off you will probably clearly see where the leak is coming from. You could even get it up to temp/pressure and then unplug power etc before having a look, 240volts kill. If you don't know what you are doing best to take it to someone that can help.

      Agree that it sounds like a leak unrelated to the gauge. Perhaps something got disturbed when the valve was changed? A bit strange he changed the gauge without (apparently) confirming the source of the leak.



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        Thanks for the replies - I may have sourced the problem.
        The internal connection from the pipe to the steam tap seems to be leaking a bit.
        This connection is PRECISELY above the back of the gauge and that may be how the water is getting g inside the gauge, because water is dripping onto it.
        Sound feasible?