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Location of pressure adjust. screw on VBM Levetta?

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  • Location of pressure adjust. screw on VBM Levetta?

    Hi all,
    Have recently adjusted temperature for just about optimum taste because my shots had started to taste
    burnt/bitter. I think they are still a little bitter/burnt, but not too bad. The pressure gauge is reading 10.5 bars while
    extracting a shot, which some say may be too high, (according to posts by several members). Always fastidious at keeping my machine clean, and use fresh beans, etc.

    In 7 years I have not fiddled with the insides of the machine, however I am tempted to adjust the pump pressure, if the position
    of the adjustment screw can be clearly located and identified.

    I assume that the black metal casing needs to be removed by undoing the three flat screws? Could a Levetta owner please give me the heads up?