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  • Advice and opinions please, new machine

    So I'm after your considered opinion on a new coffee machine, I currently have a Faema e98 compact s1, and I am after something a little bit smaller/prettier and hopefully a little better to fit in with my girlfriend's ideal kitchen. If you could give me a bit of feedback on what your using an why that would be great.

    I'll give you a bit of background of my coffee story.

    I'm originally from Melbourne and used to work in cafes/bars back when cappuccinos where 3D, now live in Sydney. I drink double/long mac's when out.

    For 2+ years I was making my daily espresso with a presso, and a breville grinder, could make a very decent espresso but not consistently, still loved it though. Then a friend of mine lent me his gaggia classic for a month while he was overseas, absolute game changer. When that month was up I new I needed a machine of my own that could make good coffee consistently. So when I saw the faema for sale 2nd hand on here I went for it. My GF has cracked it and it has been moved from the kitchen which is admittedly small, to living room to the front room. We have now bought a house and will be installing a pretty kitchen, and I need the coffee machine to match.

    Any thoughts?

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    Hi drlenny and a belated welcome to CS!

    What is your budget and do you still have the Breville grinder? Which one?

    One of the nicest looking, quality small machines is the Diadema Unico Splendor.


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      Agree on the Unico Splendor, or maybe Bezzera BZ70s but nothing prettier than a 2 group slayer with a Robur E beside it


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        Isomac Mondiale?

        the faema is a bit short on the stainless bling.


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          what do you think about a Ponte Vecchio Lusso


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            Thanks for all that enthusiastic reply.

            Chokkidog, I do still have the grinder, it's a breville smart grinder, I'd probably upgrade that when I need to, its probably out of warranty by now. Budget wise I'd probably not want to put in more than $1000 of my own after selling on the faema, which I'm assuming would leave me somewhere in the low 2000's area.

            Cosmic Couple22, the slayer does look amazing, that's a very, very pretty machine but it isn't small, I read they're coming out with a single group model, which again is beautiful but not small. And I haven't even thought about the price.

            Hildy, you are absolutely right, the faema is missing out on the shiny side of life and it's a little to high to fit under a bench top. The Isomac is defenitrly full of bling, looks a little busy but it's still in contention.

            Rolf, do I really want a lever machine?

            I quite like the look of the splendour and the bezzera, GF likes the look of the bezzera so that's currently in the lead, I suppose.

            I want to make a 2-3 good coffees in the morning and a few less at lunch time on weekends/days off, with a pretty/not huge machine.


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              Bling is in the eye of the beholder. If it's looks you need you will have to choose for yourself I think.

              My suggestion though is also to consider ease of use. Before I got my La Spaziale Vivladi 2 there were a few wife disapproval grumbly noises. But 3 months later they were gone. Teamed with an M4D it is easy for a non geek to make coffee. My wife makes her own when I am not here. She also makes her dubious herbal teas and the kids their 2 minute noodles. There would be a revolt if I suggested taking it away. IMHO all coffee machines take up a lot of space and make mess. Maximising the wife approval factor is key.

              My machine is a bit short on bling though. Functional yes. Bling no.



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                Originally posted by Hildy View Post
                Isomac Mondiale?
                +1 on the Mondiale, I've owned two. One of the more high impact designs on the market but is over your budget by 1-1.5 k.

                2nd hand Mondiale out of contention (in my opinion) unless it's < 3 years old ( about..... when the upgraded model came out).

                And they aren't 'small'. :-D

                drlenny.... my avatar is a Mondiale, with the reflection of a venetian blind on the side panel.... awesome!!

                Google the Unico and the Bezzera to obtain footprint dimensions.


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                  I have the current model Unico Splendor at home and its an excellent machine. The foot print is one of the smallest so a "good size" for home use, and if space is at a premium, the smaller size of the Splendor allows for a bigger/better grinder to sit alongside more comfortably.

                  The older Mondials have the worlds worst steam valves/lever actuators that give trouble and are no longer supported (meaning the importer only supplies new type parts for you to fit to your older machines. Don't know how straight forward it is to do).

                  Buying older machines is always risky business and the price of new machines with guarantee, has never been better.


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                    cjhfield, genius, a getting your wife to use and appreciate the machine, not just the coffees that come from it, brilliant. I think that should be my first and most economical approach, if that doesn't work, I'll check out the la spaziale.

                    Chokkidog, googling the footprint dimensions is a rather simple but effective idea, and will give me a point of reference. Thanks for the point of reference on the old v new mondials, might be a down the track purchase. That is a sweet avatar

                    TOK, a small foot print is exactly what after. This older mondial business does indeed sound risky.

                    Have a fair bit of research ahead of me.


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                      Hi drlenny,

                      Two machines you could put on your shortlist which have a small footprint are the Lelit Mara and Vibiemme Junior. They also have auto boiler refill so they're more user friendly (than the E98 you currently have which would be manual refill).



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                        Jetblack, you don't take trade ins do you?


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                          we do :-)



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                            I recommend keeping the Faema and upgrading the girlfriend.


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                              I can highly recommend Lelit Mara if you have limited space - I am extremely happy with its performance- FYI I purchased this from Jetblack in Cremorne Sydney who were very helpful and provided excellent advice.
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