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Rusty bolts on boema boiler

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  • Rusty bolts on boema boiler

    Reposted this from another thread. I am rebuilding a single group boema at present. I am having alot of trouble getting three of the bolts off the element plate off the boiler. They are rusted through and stuck. I tried rp7 soaked over several days as well as heating the bolts with gas torch hoping for the expansion/contraction effect to no avail. It won't give, anyone had this experience and how did they handle it?


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    I handled it by snapping the bolts, unintentionally, then getting them drilled out. Replacement bolts are cheap from Boema or you can just pick up a set from a hardware store.


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      How do I handle it? Get frustrated, apply enough torque to twist the bolt heads off, apply more penetrating fluid, judicious whack with a soft face hammer to remove the flange plate or whatever it is, then painstakingly grind down, drill out and re-tap the stuffed studs. No quick fix solution here I'm afraid, when rust has set in they are not gonna come easy.


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        Mmm was was wanting someone to tell me of a magic solution I could apply that eats away the rust, just wishful thinking. Have snapped one of the bolts already. Looks as though I might have to drill them out. Thanks for the reality check guys.


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          as per post # 3 above. Quite common on these.