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Wanting an Isomac Tea Due QLD

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  • Wanting an Isomac Tea Due QLD

    Hey guys,

    I don't tend to post often but I read the forum regularly and have for a few years now.

    So where to start.

    My Rancilio Silvia has finally shit it's self. The boiler is leaking and for a machine I've had since 2009 I gotta admit it made great coffee. Originally got it from Jetblack Espresso btw.

    I'm taking the leaking (and the rust that has formed from this leak) to be a sign that it's time to upgrade.

    I've spent the better part of the weekend looking at the different models and I've settled on an Isomac tea. It's a heat exchange model, it's within my price range I can find a pretty good price for it in brisbane and I'm happy to plonk down the money. I figured it would be a machine that I'd love and care for and have for a lot longer then my silvia

    However the place I'm interested in buying it from I can't find anything about them on coffee snobs. Has anyone had dealings with these guys?

    Coffee Machine Solutions commercial links removed per site posting policy

    I know they aren't a sponsor on the forum and I'd like to support a sponsor I really would but I want someone local to and gives a good price. Hence these guys.
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    Why don't you use this sites feature of emailing all the sponsors at once with your query for the isomac and perhaps ask for other recommendations within your budget, you should get some good info.



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      Coffee machine solutions are reputable, my work place has bought all out grinders from them.


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        Originally posted by jakeyden View Post
        my work place has bought all out grinders from them.
        Cool, "all out" ...... are they grinders with no retention? ;-)


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          Originally posted by chokkidog View Post
          Cool, "all out" ...... are they grinders with no retention? ;-)
          Our** haha my bad


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            sorry fellas i didn't realise others had replied.

            mm so the reason I haven't gone to the site sponsors is none in Brisbane have the machine I want. While they have comparable machines most aren't in my price range of what I want. Plus the ones once you involve shipping it to me are even more.

            If I still lived in Sydney I wouldn't even be asking I'd have gone to jetblack since I got my silvia from them and would go back to them since they were exceptional in service they even told me about this place as somewhere I could get more information on things if it interested me.

            But in brisbane it seems to be a much smaller selection of places to go and even smaller when you know specifically what you want. Plus these guys have a great price too but I've never heard them mentioned on CS and couldn't find anything about them on here either even after extensive searching.

            Although coffee parts has been an enormous help over the years with getting my parts for my old machine so heres a shout out to them as well.


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              Hi liltanker,

              It looks like DiBella coffee, which is a site sponsor, has the Isomac tea for sale.


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                Hello liltanker,

                FWIW, I'd be surprised if any sponsor didn't have warranty support for their gear in place in Brisbane. We certainly do.

                If you have had good experiences with Jetblack and Coffeeparts, why not at least call them and discuss your concerns with them? I'm sure they'd greatly appreciate your return custom.


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                  DiBella who are site sponsors definitely sell them was there Wednesday.


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                    A Silvia that's only 5 years old, destined for the scrap heap? Don't these last a while longer than that or is this issue a common occurrence? Seems a shame, what will you be doing with it?


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                      You could either sell the Silvia or donate it to a CS member in Pay it forward. Would be a shame to see it on a scape heap!!


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                        Termoli just reread your post- you Silvia should last a LOT longer than 5 years, take it to a sponsor and get her checked our, should be plenty more years of enjoyment!!!!


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                          Hi Tanker what machine did u get????