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  • Espresso Initiation

    Hi All, I'm in the process of deciding on my first manual espresso machine and need some assistance. I have been looking at product reviews on the web and have narrowed my choices to three, however they are very varied and I could be way off mark!. The three machiines I am considering are:

    1. Breville BES920
    2. Bezzera Domus Galatea, and
    3. ECM Classika II.

    I know there is a considerable diffence in price between the three machines but I'm not sure if the difference in vallue equates to an equal difference in machine/coffee quality.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome MarkyB.

    It's going to be tough without some selection criteria, e.g. How often will it be used, how many coffees back to back, will it largely be used making straight espresso or lattes/flat whites. Also your location might affect the availability of easy after sales service.


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      Thanks Barry, I guess I will be using it before and after work, up to 4 coffees at a time. Mainly for flat white / cappucino. Currently I live on the East Coast but will be relocating to the Top End at the end of the year. Thanks


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        I think you're in the right place with the HX or Double boiler machines.

        You'll need to budget for a good grinder (almost more important) too.
        Which poses the question, how much do you want to spend?

        Personally, if you have the budget, the "more manual" Italians should provide a longer lifespan due to simpler parts and more rugged construction of higher quality materials,
        For me, It's the divide between Appliance and Machine. One you expect to replace/ upgrade, the other you expect to last.

        Message our sponsors (or they'll reply here anyway) with similar/ better options or prices and availability of what you've already found.


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          Robbks is on the mark.

          The Bezerra and ECM will last longer - no doubt.
          You need to factor in a good grinder. Compak K3 at around $450 would be the minimum.


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            Mate, based on the budget implied by the Bezzera, I'd have a think about a slightly less expensive E61 heat exchanger machine (you can often find VBM / Diadema machines not too far above $2k at some of our site sponsors), then spend your surplus on a grinder (Compak K3 or better). But it really is hard as your budget is pretty rubbery. If you really like the aesthetics of the Bezzera, that may be more important to you.

            There are also plenty of people who have got good value out of the Breville. If you go that way, you can 'overinvest' in the grinder, and get something like a Macap M4D.

            Some of the professionals on here will soon give you some more precise feedback, so I'll now but out.


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              How about this:


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                Marky, If you are likely now, or in the future, to do repetitive milk-based drinks, even 4 or 6, I'd make sure you consider a heat exchanger machine. ECM are excellent machines, but from memory the "Classica" may be a single boiler.

                The Barista or above would be a better choice, in my opinion... or as Bosco says, a Rocket Giotto. But do check features fit and finish of any machines you consider. Good discounts are available on higher priced machines so don't be afraid to ask!