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  • How did I end up here..?

    Had a Rancilio Sylvia and Rocky grinder for years. Pretty happy really. Bench space challenges in a new property and a temporary but serious brainfade saw me sell them for a derisory $300 and start using Nes****o... which now costs me a mortgage per week. The coffee is not good, but better than I expected to be honest. I am going to buy a decent machine again and here is my dilemma. Most people who should know still seem to say that automatic machines produce bad coffee...full stop. Personally I would probably buy a Breville 920 which I can get for about $1400 including grinder... the other half of this team wants the new Jura Impressa F8 TFT which I must admit is a good looking bit of kit. ....Wish me well with my new Jura...but in the meantime does anyone know anything about the new Jura F8..?..and by implication other choices at that price point..?

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    - It's a Jura
    - It's overpriced
    - Jura don't seem to understand the concept or benefits of a ceramic burr grinder in an automatic machine
    - The screen is a gimmick

    Honestly, you're gonna be happier of you get the 920. No matter how the companies push their automatic machines, they will always struggle to match a proper semi-auto espresso machine.
    Automatic machine's do not always produce "bad" coffee though. They will produce bad coffee if you don't set the grind, dose and temperature correctly and use substandard, oily beans.

    I've had some coffees out of a properly dialed in DeLonghi ESAM3500 that outperform many local cafe's, not even joking. However, consistently being able to do this is very difficult.
    Once you get to grips with a good semi-auto machine paired with a good grinder, you will be making coffee that you can enjoy every day. You should know this from having owned a Silvia/Rocky combo.

    It's a trade off between convenience and quality in the end. Depends what you value more. Don't expect wonders from an automatic machine but also don't expect it to be too bad. If you are able to test run some machines first and see how you like them that would probably be a good idea.


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      Thanks for that. I guess the challenge with trying first is the rubbish outcomes you expect in a Harvey or DJ demo...? old supermarket beans..?


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        Originally posted by mindi View Post
        . I guess the challenge with trying first is the rubbish outcomes you expect in a Harvey or DJ demo...? old supermarket beans..?
        Not much point in "taste testing" anything in HN or DJ's ..even the pro reps dont know how to make coffee..they are just 'sales trained". The only ones they cant mess up are the Nespresso. ( they cant make it any better either !)
        FYI ..HN were selling the Breville BDB 900 for $898 in Bondi jn last weekend.. most likely in their Alexandria store too.


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          Appreciate the balanced comments so thanks very much. I think I would even embarrass myself if I went out and bought another Silvia/Rocky but at under $1000 it is probably a credible way forward (or back..if you see what I mean)..cheers.


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            Why you would want to test an automatic machine would be to see if its functionality is suitable and if you enjoy using it. There are some automatic machines that are just hopeless to navigate and use properly whilst others can be fun.
            If you were able to supply your own beans and test the machines with them that would be the best way forward but I doubt they would let you do that.


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              Super automatics are way worser than your Semi-automatic setup.

              Personally i think the Silvia and Rocky is better than any other super auto like Jura

              Good luck with its built in grinder it overheats the beans and plus its not ceramic (Jura probably doesnt know grinders, if only they partnered with Baratza)

              And the worst part is its frothing, super autos arent known for good froth guys.


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                Just get a Breville Dual boiler and if you want a better grinder than the rock like a Mazzer/Compak/Baratza

                Like a Baratza Vario (it's ceramic burrs here ) or a Mazzer


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                  Well in the end I had a common experience and let the budget explode. Have bought a La Scala Butterfly and Macap M2M grinder. Got both for under $2500 which I thought was pretty competitive. Nearly bought an Expobar Office Control until I saw how tinny it was to my eyes, but believed it would have worked well, and also was close to getting an Expobar Leva 1 ...but in the end went for the La Scala. The more I looked the more remarkable I think the Breville BES920 is for the price.The cheapest I could find it with the matching BCG920 Smartgrinder was $1390 at Good Guys. In the end I paid twice as much for a single boiler but HX machine from Italy. If the Breville proves long lived and reliable I think I might have missed a real bargain as it's features in an Italian machine cost at least $2000 without grinder.
                  So hoping the Butterfly is really good, and wont get a brainfade and sell it impulsively like the Silvia and Rocky. Thanks for the helpful comments along the way.


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                    I would expect your butterfly to outlast the Breville without any problems and make better coffees too! In the long run I don't think you will regret it!

                    Enjoy your new toys, maybe put in your will "incase of brain fade do not allow me to sell my coffee gear"??